An Understory Treasure...Kim Perrier's Rising From the Ashes

Video credit: Ruslan Kulski, ABC South West. Used with permission.

Amongst his many acheivments, Kim was the winner of the People's Choice Award at the 2015 Sculpture by the Sea. He spent around 12 months working with the Northcliffe community to create a huge body of 43 sculptures, featured along the trail of Understory. This work, called Rising From the Ashes, commemorates the biggest bushfire in recent WA history. The February 2015 Northcliffe bushfires swept through around 100,000 hectares destroying and damaging habitats, farms, forests, and plantations, and causing significant property loss.

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We are inspired by the diverse beauty of the ancient forests that surround us, and the ingenuity and character of the individuals and community that live beneath the canopy.

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Latest News

'Treecycled' installed along the Understory Art & Nature Trail.

A new sculpture has been commissioned for the Understory Art in Nature Trail in Northcliffe. With funding support from the Shire of Manjimup, the State Government of WA and Country Arts, Southern Forest Arts organised for Denmark artist, Cecile Williams, to create a new artwork that responds to the local environment. 'Treecycled' is the fourth ephemeral sculpture Cecile has created for the trail over the past thirteen years. The artist is a perennial favourite with the attraction's organisers for her ability to connect deeply with the forest and produce work that is sensitive to the site, aesthetically pleasing and exquisitely crafted.

The inspiration for 'Treecycled' came from a small collection of old hardcover books inherited by the artist. She says "The books bring a new skin, bark and wisdom back to a unique old tree. The written word, the book titles, the colours all weave a new story back into this site. In time, the weather and nature will come to play their part in this continuing cycle, with moss forming a new skin, regrowth, and moisture interacting with the pages, swelling them and urging them to 'open out' and slowly decompose their stories back into the earth. This was their origin, and now they’ve come home. Pictures.